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SHE SAYS: “I’m just practical. Why can’t Patrick see that?”

Sally says: I don’t feel as if I’m negative – I’m practical! You need to see all the possible consequences of an action before you do anything. I just don’t understand why Patrick doesn’t get that.

HE SAYS: “Sally is negative about everything!”

Patrick says: Sally is a real Eeyore – she seems to see the negative side of everything. I am much more upbeat, but it’s beginning to get me down as well. What can we do to resolve this difference in attitude?

Should my neighbors pay me for fixing their technology issues?

I work in information technology and I am always getting calls from neighbors in my apartment building to fix their wireless routers. How can I get them to understand that this is what I do for money? Shouldn’t they be offering to pay me?

These possible scenarios may be solutions to your questions:

You could exchange “favors.” For example, you know to how to fix the Internet, while your neighbors may know how to do plumbing work.


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